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Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife – Just one day, overlook all of your life’s issues and act incredibly craving for each hugs, like two teenagers. Cute and romantic or funny wedding anniversary quotes. Post funny banter and sweet nothings on each others’ Facebook. Trade I Enjoy handmade cards that ooze love and You records. Marriages may be made in heaven, but husbands and wives live on earth. Duties of function, kids, household and spending the expenses frequently take the sweetness of everyday life away. A wedding anniversary is an opportunity to revive your intimate relationship. Drop the kids off at out grandma’s and take your wife out on a date to celebrate. Spoil her with a nice gift that is good and create her feel just like an attractive queen. Close everything down having a hug, as you try looking in her eyes a Happy Anniversary. It’ll advise her that towards the man who’ll do all it requires to maintain her content, she’s committed despite all of the good and the bad.

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Check out below of the happy wedding anniversary quotes for your wife :

  • Happy Anniversary to my best friend and my wonderful wife. Even though we have been married for only 2 short years, we have accomplished enough for a lifetime. I love you with all my heart and can not wait for the years to follow.
  • To my dearest wife, After all these years, you are still the most beautiful woman to me. I’m really thankful that I’ve found my other half in you. Thank you for being my everything and so much more. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary.
  • The happiest day in my life was the day you finally became my wife, I feel so lucky every day of my life having you as my lover, wife, and best friend. This is not just a wedding anniversary, but also a reminder of all the beautiful promises we’ve made to each other. Thank you for your love and care. Happy anniversary my heart!
  • Happy 1st year Engagement Anniversary my lovely wife. Love you so much. Hope that more n more blessing coming to us. You are the Queen of my Heart.
  • Happy 20th Anniversary to my loving wife and best friend. It’s been a wonderful ride and look forward to the next 20 years.
  • You are truly a blessing from God. Thank you for being my partner, wife, lover and friend. Happy anniversary!
  • Today would have been our 62nd wedding anniversary. God created a perfect wife for me. Never could I have hoped for a better best friend, lover, companion, wife, encourager, mother and role model for our children.
  • I would like to say Happy 2nd Anniversary to my amazing wife. Ever since we met almost 6 years ago, I’ve been in love with you. You are an amazing wife and an even better mother to our child. I could ask nothing more. And I love you very much!
  • Today is our 15th Wedding Anniversary. It’s doesn’t matter where we’re at or what we have,as long as I have you by my side,I’ll be happy with that.May we continue to be a wonderful Husband & Wife to each other.Wishing you nothing but happiness,love and joy in the years ahead.
  • Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary. Thank you for being a dedicated mother to our son. Thank you for being an understanding and supportive wife. This is just a beginning of our journey as a couple. We have overcome a year of being married and we still have a lot of things to learn to keep the sanctity of marriage at the top of our relationship. I know it is going to be a little bit difficult, but I do believe that we can manage and subdue all the trials and tribulations as long as we stay together. Way to go! For infinity and beyond. Thank you and I Love you!

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  • Happy weeding anniversary to my wife! It is already 2 years from the time we said “I do”! I thank God for your love and and for blessing your womb! U are indeed an Angel sent. I love you and forever will!
  • Happy anniversary to my amazing wife, she is everything a man can ask for! a full moon in the darkest night, a sun breaking thru the cloudiest days, always shining over my life! In Italy we say the woman makes the man and with you there is nothing more true than that. Thanks for all your hard work, for the kids that you blessed me with, and thanks for being yourself everyday. I’m a blessed man from the Lord and from you. TI AMO.
  • You have been the most remarkable wife on earth, more fabulous and stronger than superwoman. And on this special day, I want you to feel and see how a blessed husband I am. I love you sweetheart. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy Anniversary to the reason for my happiness, the reason for all my smiles. Thank you for being such a wonderful wife. I love you.
  • I couldn’t have dreamed up a more amazing wife. You take my breath away! Happy wedding anniversary to my wife!
  • Happy anniversary my wife, my best friend, the love of my life, and an amazing woman! Thanks for one more amazing trip around the sun, I wouldn’t have made it without you! We have seen some beautiful things and some amazing places, but this photo here represents what matters most to me, that loving smile! I’ll love you till the end of time and the day after!
  • I’m so blessed to celebrate the second anniversary of marriage with an amazing woman like you. I love you so much.
  • Never thought my life would suddenly improve, after getting a wife like you! Happy 22nd anniversary!
  • You are the love of my life. May our love and faith grow every year as we celebrate our wedding anniversary. I wish you a happy first wedding anniversary, my dear wife, love you!
  • Had a wonderful 3rd anniversary with my beautiful wife! to many more beautiful years! I love you!
  • Happy 31st Anniversary to my lovely wife. It’s been a wild and crazy ride. Hope too have 31 more years of this ride. Love you!
  • Happy 1st Anniversary of togetherness to the woman who has stolen my heart, but given me beautiful her soul in return. You are the reason for my happiness, for my success, the reason for all my smiles. I know, how you came in my life and in an very extraordinary way!
  • Happy 6th anniversary to my beautiful wife. Can’t believe how much we’ve been through in six short years. We’ve been through career changes, met so many different people, had two amazing girls who are already growing up. We’ve lived in three different countries and it’s our first anniversary in Canada since getting married here in 2010. So happy we’re finally settled and hope I can give you a good life in Canada. Love you so much, baby. There is no one I’d rather spend my life here with than you. Keep being just who you are!
  • I want to wish my amazing wife a happy 3rd wedding anniversary going on our 4th hope there will be a lot more to come.we have two beautiful children and she is a wonderful mom and wife I wouldn’t trade her and our two kids for anything.i am a very blessed man to have them in my life. We will finally have our amazing home back at the end of the week so we can have our party Saturday night for the reveal for everyone to see our amazing home complete it has been so long.
  • I am so lucky to have you as my wife and this is my best day in my life. Happy Marriage anniversary to you my Dear.
  • A massive shout out to my beautiful wife happy 2nd anniversary baby girl,the 2 years has been amazing lots of love and laughter and fantastic memories made,I new 2years ago today that I would be marrying you I new you was my soul mate and best friend the first time I saw you so thank you for coming into my life and completing me love you more than you will ever know.
  • Happy 3rd anniversary to my loving wife. This day reminds me that God really loves me, for He gave me the most wonderful person and chose her to be my lifetime partner. I will always be grateful. Happy anniversary!
  • I would like to take this time to wish my beautiful wife of 15yrs happy anniversary and I love you more now than ever.

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