20 Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

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After the happiness of your wedding day, your partner as well as you may attempt the stunning trip of wedded life. Everything is shared by You’ll from apparently boring information on your entire day to day lifestyles to perhaps kids and a house. Every year, you’ll develop together as well as relationship and your connection wills reinforce. You’ll proceed to-date one another, observing each other to the degree that nobody else may comprehend. Each wedding anniversary is just all the thoughts of the previous year and a part of the distinctive connection.

happy wedding anniversary wishes for husband

Here are 20 wedding wishes for your husband to inspire you whether it’s your first anniversary or your fiftieth.

  • Damn, I am so in love with my husband 22 years and still going strong this is the only picture I could find of you smiling. happy anniversary babe each day that passes I fall in love with you all over again.
  • Since I met you, my life has never been the same.Thanks for making it better and happier.I thank God for giving me the best husband! Thank you for being my husband, my partner, my lover and mybest friend. Happy Anniversary!
  • Now!! 47 years later!! Happy Anniversary to my husband who has put up with me all these years. This day in history 41 years ago my husband and I got married!! Happy anniversary my one true love!
  • To the most wonderful husband in the world. Happy 24th anniversary! I love you more today than I did 24 years ago. Thank you so much for our wonderful trip.
  • Happy 4 year anniversary to me and my babe I couldn’t have found a better husband! He truly is an amazing husband always taking care of us and always supporting me and doing his best to keep me happy, I know he will always be by my side!
  • Happy 8th Anniversary to my Prince and lifetime companion! I can’t imagine doing life without you because you are my best friend!! You complete me. You are my one!! You choose to love me in spite of my flaws and weaknesses and see through them to my potential and greatness within! You are an amazing father, husband and provider! We are so blessed and highly favored to have you, my beloved! Thank you for your belief in me and your support through the years! I am so excited about what our future holds as we continue to seek God’s will and vision for our lives! I am expecting big things as we embrace our 8th year together. our year of new beginnings! I declare and decree that our story is just getting started! Happy Anniversary my love!!! We are worth it!!
  • This is a special day for us. Beginning the 36th year of being together! What an adventure it has been! Happy Anniversary, my husband and best friend! Thank you for all you have given to me, and done for me! These years have been the best! There are many more ahead of us! Love you so much!
  • Thank you Lord for blessing us with another year of married life. Thank you Darryl for spending this year with me. You are my rock when things got stormy . You are my calm in the storms of life. You are my save haven when I needed to recuperate. You are my other half. May the Lord bless us with another year together. I Love You my husband, friend, father of our children.
  • Want to say Happy Anniversary of three years to my husband Terry Hopkins. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and hurdles to get over but we did it together…so now we are facing another one. Thank you baby for standing by me and holding my hand when i was sick, helping take care of the kids. I love you so much. I know we dont always see eye to eye on a lot of things but i woulnt trade what we have on anything.
  • Happy Anniversary to the best husband, I love you more than life, he’s the best Dad to, thanks for every thing you do for us!
  • Happy anniversary to you my darling husband 37 years and truly it does not feel that way only feel like yesterday may God continue to bless our Union love you always.
  • Happy 44th Wedding Anniversary to my sweetheart, Larry Morris, my best friend and greatest husband anyone could dream of! Still making me laugh!
  • Happy anniversary Eric Temples. I love you with all my heart! I’m so blessed to have you as my husband and a father to our son.
  • 9 years of marriage, not all easy but through the struggles we came out the other side, we always come out the other side. You are my rock, you keep me safe, no matter what I throw at you, you don’t flinch, you just keep on loving me. Happy anniversary, I’m so sorry we can’t be together but we have the rest of our lives and a million other Christmas’s xx I love you, happy anniversary husband
  • Another year to create precious memories, another year to discover new things to enjoy about each other, another year to strengthen our marriage. To my dear husband, Happy happy wedding anniversary. Thank you for being my husband, my partner & my best friend, thank you for being there especially when times get difficult,I thank God for giving me the best husband & best dad to our kid. I love you and I hope our marriage will last as long as we are alive because I believe in us, I believe in the saying ” Till death do us part ” Happy Anniversary hubby!
  • I just want to thank my loving husband for everything he has done and putting up with me . Happy anniversary baby I wouldn’t change u for nothing I love u till death do us apart.
  • Happy 13th anniversary to my husband Thank you for choosing me to go on this adventure with you. Here’s to many more years.
  • I would just like to say Happy Anniversary to my one and only husband I love you very much Amos Yazzie. It’s been 3years since we got married and with in those years I can say you been there for me and the girls through think and think even with the move u never gave up on me n there just some much I can say but to some up in three words I LOVE YOU and with many many more years of celebrating our marriage together.
  • Happy anniversary to my husband! 13 years later and there isn’t anyone else I’d want to go on this journey with! Love you to the moon and back!
  • Happy 2nd Anniversary. This year brought yet more changes, new house, new friends, resurfaced old friends, child’s college graduation and blessed to have experienced it all with my bff/husband.
  • Happy happy wedding anniversary to my loving husband. As we grow older together sharing happy moments and rough times I will always be with you with every up and down, we will learn lessons in life that will make us stronger forever. I’m so happy and thankful I have you beside me. I love you very much.

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